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The Smart Legal Tools Workshop – a Hit!

Refreshing and entertaining. A joyful learning experience. Full of valuable information – these are only a few of the inputs we received from the participants at the “Smart Legal Tools” workshop delivered by our Managing Partner, Kelly Logan.

The event, organised in collaboration with Executives International on June 14th, was attended by 25 entrepreneurs and business owners. 

With the support of our main character, Bernie Amarillo, sports entrepreneur, and working through real-life scenarios, insightful bits of legal knowledge were delivered throw-out the 3 hours workshop.

Who is Bernie Amarillo? An eligible bachelor, former hockey professional and recent Sports MBA graduate who owns Yellow Brick Road, a sports consultancy business. Bernie run a very successful workshop – “Hit or Miss: How to create a Hit Sporting Product” which he took online. Bernie was planning a large marketing campaign to publicise this including a new website, on-line marketing and a speaking tour (Bernie loves speaking about himself). Bernie had a hit team of 6, works with industry leading designers, and his turnover and client list was growing. Life was pretty good for Bernie. Or was it now?

Using Bernie’s example, during the workshop participants learned how to deal with the following legal issues that can affect their business:

  • Intellectual Property: How to use it to protect and commercialise their ideas/concepts and how not to infringe the rights of others
  • Liability: How to limit their liability if things go wrong
  • Data Protection: How to comply with the new European data protection regulation (GDPR)

During the event, participants actively contributed to the scenarios and to solving the legal business cases presented to them. They also shared their knowledge or experiences with the others and were able to ask questions that were relevant for their specific business situation.

The result: an interactive and engaging workshop, having Kelly as facilitator and as source of valuable information.

Read here what the participants said about the event.

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