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Hit or Miss? How to Make a Hit Sporting Product


On May 29th, Logan & Partners managing partner, Kelly Logan, together with Richard Tattershaw from Sport Hit Factory delivered an interactive workshop on “Hit or Miss? How to Make a Hit Sporting Product” at the International Sports Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne.

The event gathered 26 participants who learned about creating a sport product/ event that will be fit-for the market. Additionally, they gained insights into how to create value from intellectual property rights and whether Sports Federations can ban players/ officials for playing in ‘unofficial competitions’.

Using an engaging format and delivery, the workshop revealed the secrets of smash hits such as Tough Mudder, Red Bull Crashed Ice, Big Bash and the All Blacks. The participants worked in groups to develop their own hit sporting format and learned how to start thinking like the Market.

Kelly Logan, together with Intellectual Property lawyer Georg Punkenhofer, covered the legal aspects of creating a Sporting Hit.

Richard Tattershaw (ex FIH Commercial Director) and Matthew Osman (ex FIBA Commercial Director) from the Sport Hit Factory also shared their experiences of creating sporting hits for hockey and basketball.

Richard Tattershaw, Creative Director, Sport Hit Factory

“Kelly and I developed the ‘Hit or Miss, How to Create a Sporting Hit?’ workshop which explores the ideas, structures and legal ownership of popular sports properties. During this process I found Kelly to be an excellent partner and co-creator. His input and energy made the workshop valuable and fun for the participants.”

Nigel Fletcher, CEO, International Sports Chamber of Commerce

“The International Sports Chamber of Commerce – Lausanne Chapter hosted in partnership with Logan&Partners a seminar entitled: Hit or Miss: How to Make a Hit Sporting Product. I was very impressed by the format, the energy, the audience participation coupled with learning outcomes. The feedback we received from our members has been excellent and the best compliment I can give Logan&Partners that we will certainly be partnering with them some time soon.”

Laurent Manca & Mairi Willis, Founders of Peerspoint – Blockchain for Sport

Dear Kelly, Mairi and I would like to thank you for the event we were part of, it was for once a true event in which we did not only learn new things but in which we did participate, engage under your dynamism. We liked it, a lot, and we can only invite everyone involved into the sport industry, no matter their role, to attend it. Participant will find new ways to approach some challenges, another focus and angle, that in our case, opened up new thoughts and perspective on how we should approach some elements of our business we are dealing with. Congrats again!

James Wood, ZWEI Wealth Experts

“I attended the Hit or Miss: How to Make a Hit Sporting Product workshop hoping to improve my knowledge of making an outdoor activity a sure hit…Not only was the workshop both fun and innovative in its format but Kelly’s interaction with the audience made it a direct HIT to improving my knowledge (business, marketing and legal) in such a short time which was invaluable. He was enticing and the solid contend of the workshop not only made me think but inspired me. I can only speak highly this workshop…”

Richard Baker, Managing Director, Super Cool Sport

Kelly’s presentation skills and team work with other presenters made for a refreshing and entertaining change in the way one engages with a “typical” workshop. Hit or Miss broke the mould for your standard workshop with the combination of entertainment and information making for a perfect recipe which will definitely bear fruit for all involved.

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