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Hit or Miss? How to Make a Hit Sporting Format

On May 29th, Kelly Logan, Logan & Partners managing partner, together with Richard Tattershaw from Sport Hit Factory delivered an interactive workshop at the International Sports Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne.

Faulty products don’t sell. This is true in any business. And it is true in sport. Most sports are frustrated by lack of commercial interest, yet don’t address the fundamental issue which is their ‘products’ (the commercial expression of the sport) aren’t fit-for-the-market. Plus, with sport facing huge challenges to engage young and old, this is more important than ever.

The simple premise is, if you create what the market wants you will be much more successful in generating viewing figures, engagement, excitement and revenue.

Hit Factory’s Matthew Osmon (ex FIBA Commercial Director) and Richard Tattershaw (ex FIH Commercial Director) did this at basketball and hockey with great success.

At this workshop, participants learned about the secrets of smash hits such as Tough Mudder, Big Bash and the All Blacks. Additionally, they learned how to think like The Market.

With insights from lawyers Kelly Logan and Georg Punkenhofer , they also learn how to create value from intellectual property rights and whether one an ban players/officials for playing in ‘unofficial competitions’

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