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Bernie hits e-commerce and the right of withdrawal

Bernie has a new idea about extending his sports business.

He got a great deal for a big stock of replica sports items that he wants to sell on a brand-new e-commerce platform. Bernie asks Tara, a marketing genius, to QUICKLY create the online shop.

Six months in and business is going great! He even had a few big orders! Jackpot!
But then… Bernie receives a message from his customer Saskia in Germany. Three months ago, Saskia bought 20 uniforms for her husband’s football team but now she’s changed her mind and wants to return the goods. She is asking Bernie’s company for a full refund and to pay the return delivery costs from Germany.

What?! No way! The normal return time is 14 days… Right??

Bernie, you didn’t inform your customers of their right of withdrawal and the related conditions.

Therefore, the 14 days rule does not apply and:
– they have up to 12 months to return any unused goods
– you must pay the costs of returning the products

Bernie, you better update your website and inform your customers about the return policy and their right of withdrawal as a customer!

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