Kiara Brunel Fink

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11 Apr: Fair Play in the Marketplace: A Guide to Pricing Regulations

The world of commerce thrives on competition, and at the heart of this competition lies pricing.
But what happens when pricing practices become deceptive or prevent healthy competition? This is where pricing bans and rules come into play. These regulations aim to protect consumers and ensure a fair marketplace, but navigating this maze can be complex for both businesses and consumers.

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15 May: Federal Council aims to regulate large communication platforms in Switzerland

The Federal Swiss Council has recently announced it is considering enacting new laws to regulate large platforms, including search engines (e.g. Google), social networking platforms (e.g. Facebook), multimedia platforms (e.g. YouTube) and microblogging services (e.g. Twitter), which could have far-reaching implications for the tech industry and digital communication. The move comes in response to growing concerns about the potential misuse of these platforms, particularly in terms of hate speech, fake news, and other harmful content.